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Yoga for Cyclists, part 6: Ankles

Your ankles take the strain when you ride - so here's how to give them a bit of TLC...

If you've been following our series of Yoga for Cyclists videos, you'll know from Part 5: Posture that the ankles are one of the weak points in many cyclists, thanks to all the rotations the feet make. yoga expert Karen Burt is back with installment six, in which we look at the movements ankles make, and what limited ankle flexibility can do to the shins and the calves.

For tight shins, there's a simple relaxing kneeling exercise, that can be made easier with a cushion for the really tight of shin, and for the tight-calved we show you a simple stretch to open out the calves. Watch Tony struggle with this, and you'll see the benefits of regular yoga.

The feet move side to side at the ankle as well as up and down, and there's a second set of exercises to deal with eversion and inversion, and these can be practised sitting down, so there's really no excuse.

The various videos from the Yoga for Cyclists series can be put together in any combination that suits you, for a regular complementary workout to supplement your training.

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