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Taxi driver caught filming at wheel by Traffic Droid

Traffic Droid sent helmet cam footage to police of the taxi driver using his mobile phone to film him while carrying a passenger

A cabbie has been caught on camera by Traffic Droid filming the cyclist on his mobile phone while driving through central London with a passenger.

Cyclist Lewis Dediare, aka Traffic Droid, who uses four cameras to bring bad drivers to justice, reporting up to ten traffic infractions each day to police, spotted the taxi driver looking at his phone as he drove along New Oxford Street during morning rush hour.

As he passes the taxi driver it appears the man is holding up his mobile phone to film, for approximately ten seconds, while looking away from the road ahead, and driving with only his right hand.

Traffic Droid: I'm no vigilante

The Mirror reports Dediare saying: “I pulled to a stop on the left hand side of the taxi and I scanned left and right and I caught him with his head down and using a mobile phone, and that’s when I realised he was a naughty boy.

“I made a note of the time and the registration plate and I was going to leave it but then I realised he was keeping pace with me and I saw his left hand poking out, he only had his right hand on the steering wheel.

“I was so shocked when I realised he was filming me, especially because he had a passenger on board. His eyes weren’t on the road, it was dangerous.”

Footage of the incident has been removed from Traffic Droid’s YouTube page, but can be watched via the Mirror’s website

When confronted about his phone use the taxi driver can be heard in the video comparing Dediare's helmet- and bike-mounted cameras with his own handheld device. Dediare has since reported the incident to police.  

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