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Great cycling deals on a Team Sky bundle + tools & nutrition

The DealCatcher is bringing you a deal on Team Sky's go-to gear, tools from Hargroves & a bunch of SiS bargains...

The DealCatcher's back with three cracking cycling deals to keep you and your bike healthy over the coming weeks and months.

There's no doubt that this time of year is heavy on our legs and on our bikes. The weather makes bike maintenance harder, and the cold - plus all of the Christmas feasts - make bringing our legs back up to speed difficult.

But worry no more. The DealCatcher's here to help. Today's selection of deals features an enormous £100 discount on a full Advanced Mechanic Tool Kit from Park Tool over at Hargroves Cycles.

That's your bike sorted, what about your legs? Look no further than Science in Sport. The nutrition nerds have two cracking deals for you - one, a 2-for-1 on caffeinated product six packs, and the other, a selection of 50% discounts on bundles.

Finally, Vanilla Bikes are combining both the problems - in association with the Team Sky - by offering you 26% off their Team Sky bundle.


Hargroves Cycles

33% off Park Tool Advanced Mechanic Tool Kit
WAS £299.99 | NOW £199.99


First up is a complete set of tools. You need it, it'll be here.

Back in 2010 we reviewed this tool set's older brother. Our main man Dave Atkinson loved it, giving it an 8/10 score, as well as calling it a "top quality home mechanic's tool kit."

We're not here to argue with Dave, so check out his review if you  need convincing.

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If you feel like an entire tool kit is too much of a step up for you, check out our beginner's guide to bike tools below:

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Science in Sport

2-for-1 on GO Energy + Caffeine 6 Packs
WAS £19.78 | NOW £9.89 - with code 'CAFF241'

50% off Nutrition Bundles


The nutrition nerds over at Science in Sport are back to share more of their expertise with us.

The weather's been battering us for a few weeks now, and if you're anything like the majority of the poor husks of cyclists that have been occupying the offices in that time, you'll need something to perk you up.

Look no further than the 2-for-1 GO Energy + Caffeine packs from SiS.

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It does what it says on the tin, according to our man Caven, it also tastes good which is a massive perk for energy gels which many of us here find difficult to stomach.

Alternatively, if you're looking for a different kind of pick-me-up, or perhaps a recovery stimulant, look no further than the range of bundles that are currently half price over on the SiS website.

Our highlight would have to be the Full strength bundle, which also falls into the highest bracket of SiS's Spend and Save promotion which is currently running and detailed below.

The Spend and Save promotion states that if you spend between £40-£49.99 you'll receive £5 off your order, between £50-£59.99 you'll receive £10 off, and if you spend £60+ you'll get £15 sliced off your bill.

The Full Strength bundle normally retails for £142.99, but today you can get your hands on the collection of goodies for £55.99 after halving the price and subtracting £15 from the Spend and Save discount.

For your money you'll be getting a 1kg tub of Mint Choc Advanced Isolate+ Protein powder, a 1kg tub of Vanilla Overnight Protein powder, 20 Chocolate and Peanut Protein Bars, an 800ml SiS bottle, and a 700ml SiS Protein Shaker.


Vanilla Bikes

26% off Team Sky Bundle
WAS £54.37 | NOW £40.00


Finally, if it's good enough for Team Sky, it's good enough for you, right?

Muc-Off have been in partnership with Team Sky since 2014. The British team have been using their products to propel them to Tour de France glory.

While we can't promise that their products will do the same for you, we can attest to their quality.

For example, we gave the Hydrodynamic lube which features in this bundle a 9/10.

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For your money you'll also be getting your milts on Muc-Off's Luxury Chamois Cream, a couple of Team Sky emblazoned water bottles, and a selection of blackurrent flavoured SiS GO Energy gels.

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