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A new take on ‘helmet cam’ – cyclist says he has picture of Addison Lee driver masturbating at traffic lights

Traffic Droid now working on blurring the footage to make it suitable for YouTube

A new interpretation of ‘helmet cam’ has emerged after one cyclist published a picture of an Addison Lee driver at traffic lights, hand in crotch while perusing some adult reading matter.

The shot was taken from a video by Traffic Droid, who is arguably London’s most famous helmet cam cyclist. “I am fed up with Dangerous Addison Lee Drivers on our roads and will report the driver to the police,” he said.


In December, Traffic Droid told that he doesn’t see himself as a vigilante, arguing that he films and reports bad drivers in the name of justice. He submits up to 20 videos per week to police, most of which lead to prosecutions of some sort.

Nor was this the only Addison Lee driver to have attracted his attention this week. Only yesterday, he encountered a driver who changed lanes without indicating, allegedly texting as he did so.



Addison Lee have gained a certain notoriety among cyclists thanks to comments made by the firm’s chairman three years ago. "It is time for us to say to cyclists, ‘You want to join our gang, get trained and pay up’,” wrote John Griffin in a 2012 article in Addison Lee’s free customer magazine – a piece in which he also instructed his drivers to illegally use London's bus lanes.

More recently, the firm has attempted to change its reputation, announcing a cycling service where its cabs will carry up to two passengers as well as one bike.

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