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Join Tour of California pro racers on Zwift for monthly group rides

Zwift launches monthly Amgen Tour of California Virtual Ride Series

The creators of Zwift, the increasingly popular virtual training software, have teamed up with the Amgen Tour of California organisers to host the Amgen Tour of California Virtual Ride Series, a chance for you to ride with a professional racing cyclist.

- How to get started on Zwift

The virtual group training rides will be hosted at Zwift’s headquarters in California and everyone is invited to join the rides. They have even arranged for the Tour of California commentator to commentate on the rides, which could give the group rides an interesting twist.

The rides will be hosted once a month leading up to the real-world Amgen Tour of California on 15-22nd May. This is the reason for the group rides of course, a way to promote the professional stage race.

Each group ride will be joined by a professional rider, and the first one (which we’ve just missed) featured Zwift and Strava fan Laurens Ten Dam. Zwift hasn’t announced the names of any other riders for future rides yet, we presume they’ll do that nearer the time.

- Ride in kit on Zwift + video

The rides will last 1-hour and be a moderate pace, it’s not intended to be a fast ride or even a race. You can join from anywhere in the world. 

Future dates, and dates for all other organised rides, can be found on Zwift’s Facebook page here 

You are required to wear the Amgen Tour of California virtual kit. Just press 'p' on your keyboard and enter promo code: GOAMGENTOC.

“The Amgen Tour of California represents the best of American cycling,” said Charlie Issendorf, Events VP at Zwift. “However, not everyone can be on roadside in California when the race happens. Zwift allows them the chance to take part in the US’ biggest contribution to the sport of professional cycling.”


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