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#mycyclingweekend - frozen toes and sore legs

It's hard work cycling in the snow. How are your legs? Have your toes thawed?...

Never put all of your trust in a weather forecast. Never put any of your trust in a weather forecast from a meteorologically naive cycling journalist on

We said it'd be dry. It turned out to be very snowy in large parts of the country. Was it forecast? Did we miss that forecast? Did you trust us? Did you get cold?

Our fingers were nipped by the conditions, our toes too. You all seemed to fair reasonably well, though. At least, if the photos we received of you all frolicking about in the wintry conditions are anything to go by.

Does snow add more in terms of atmosphere and spectacle than it takes away in practicality and comfort?

Staring at your photos from the warmth of the office this morning, we're tempted to say that it snow is better. You wouldn't have got that answer from us on Sunday morning, though.





@kennyhouston66 and some #snow #mycyclingweekend

A photo posted by Gavin Butler (@gbphotofilm) on












Obviously, the snow can cause one or two problems. But they're problems that can be overcome with reasonable preperation and expectations.

For example, Instagram user velovebjorn is almost certainly used to these sorts of conditions. He knows, therefore, that there is always a chance that a wild icicle will find your chin particularly alluring whilst out on a ride. As long as you know what's coming you can wear appropriate face protection. Here's velovebjorn with his new icicle friend:



Of course, no matter how hard you prepare riding through snow, and even competing through the stuff, will take its toll on your legs. Here's twitter user Bruce Dalton carrying his Kinesis mid-cyclocross race. His caption of #mylegshurt could be the understatement of the year. Looks tough.



Of course, these weather conditions don't come without their hazards. Black ice being one of the most difficult to deal with.

We reckon Instagram user I_frondag_159 came off reasonably well when you consider how spectacularly wrong black ice run-ins can go.



The UK wasn't the only part of the world to contend with adverse weather conditions this #mycyclingweekend. Check out the frozen sea in Poland, a frozen statue in Latvia, and a mountain range in Spain that's frozen... oh wait, the weather in Spain is marvelous. Whoops.





Visiting aliens #pavilosta #mycyclingweekend

A photo posted by Petersons (@ptsns) on






It's not too late to get involved with the #mycyclingweekend. If you've got any photos of your snowy weekend, send them to us via Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter by including the #mycyclingweekend hashtag in the caption.

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