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Videos: MacAskill gets scared & Cavendish crashes

Danny Mac's nerves fray, Cav crashes before Wiggins face-off, MTB madness, and flattened climb hilarity...

In today's video round-up we discover that Danny MacAskill is only human, you don't need a chain to win the Downhill Mountain Bike World Cup, and Hope Hubs serve as better soundtracks to trail videos than house music.

We've also got a clip of Mark Cavendish giving the velodrome track a pre-ride kiss, a fascinating tilted view on a brutal 12-climb Pittsburg race, a stunning MTB trail in Arizona, and a decades old "baby-friendly" bike accessory which we would be hesitant to try out.



Danny MacAskill's only human

Turns out Danny MacAskill gets scared too. Here's the behind-the-scenes footage of his recent Cascadia film.

The clip opens with MacAskill approaching the Yellow School Backflip shot from the film, stopping himself before the ramp and asking out loud "why am I scared?"

We've been quietly asking Danny the exact opposite for years: why aren't you scared?"

Turns out he's just like us, kinda.


Mark Cavendish falls before Team Wiggins race @ Revolution

It's safe to say this isn't the first time we've watched Cav fall. The most famous example which you'll all remember should be the incident on that fabulous day in Yorkshire back in 2014.

He also fell into a massive puddle last year.

If you want to complete the hat trick of Cav collapses, you'll be able to watch him take a swim in a big puddle, and crash on last year's Tour of Britain by following the links below.

- Watch: Mark Cavendish's Tour of Britain crash

- Watch: Mark Cavendish falls into a massive puddle


12-climb Pittsburgh race from a new angle

Climbing can be hard. Climbing while racing can be harder. Climbing up 12 climbs while racing, we imagine, is even harder.

Suppose you've gone to the trouble of taking part in a race like the Dirty Dozen in Pittsburgh, USA, and some videographer comes along and makes you look a fool. You'd be mad, wouldn't you?

Well, maybe not after seeing how compelling this new perspective on what, by all accounts, is a fairly hardcore race.


Downhill MTB World Cup win with broken chain

Cycling down hill without a chain is a lot easier than cycling uphill without one. We can assure you of that now.

Competing in a Downhill World Cup final showdown without a chain isn't easy, or so we thought.

In this video you'll see Aaron Gwin win the 2015 Downhill World Cup in Leogang, Austria, after breaking his chain on his very first pedal stroke.



Hope Hub soundtracked trail vid

If you're partial to the occasional beautifully-shot trail video, but you're sick of the house music, or the heavy metal, look no further than this stunning piece of video.

With little more than a Hope Hub, the crunch of leaves, and the spray of dirt for music, you'll find yourself strangely immersed in this video of Adams Brayton taking in the trails of the Aosta Valley in northern Italy. 


Stunning MTB trail in Arizona

Significantly less subtly shot or soundtracked, but equivallently beautiful, this video of the Hangover Trail in Sedona Arizona is great.

The falls are treacherous but the environment makes up for it.


Convenient buggy-bike accessory from another time

Finally, here's a bike accessory we're quietly impressed by, but not at all surprised not to see in use - especially on UK roads.

It'd be interesting to see how the Dutch and the Danish took to an idea like this, though.

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