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Three time bike theft victim went out to steal himself a replacement

Told police bolt cutters were for cutting cheese

A Nottingham man who suffered three bike thefts became very upset and went out to steal a replacement. With less-than-impeccable addition, the presiding magistrate told Sylwester Kaminski: "Two wrongs don't make a right."

Chris Saunders, mitigating, said Kaminski had been the victim of bicycle thefts on three separate occasions and as a result had become very upset. The Nottingham Post reports that he then went out with a known bike thief on October 15, becoming ‘the mug of the enterprise’ by carrying the bolt cutters.

He was subsequently caught on CCTV pedalling away from Nottingham University on a stolen bike.

Jail term for prolific Nottingham bike thief

Margaret Martin, prosecuting, said: "He said a bike had been stolen from him and decided to find it. He thought it could have been sold to students. CCTV was discovered which shows the defendant cutting the chain and riding away. He admitted that he stole the bike and didn't know where it was."

The blue and white mountain bike had a red speedometer which Kaminski was caught with. The bike however was never found.

When arrested, 42-year-old Kaminski told police that the bolt croppers he had been carrying were for cutting cheese.

Kaminski admitted theft of a pedal cycle and having bolt croppers in connection with theft. He was fined £200 and ordered to pay £100 compensation to the medical student who owned the bike.

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Stumps | 8 years ago

I know a few but they all hate me with a passion, dont know why  

brooksby | 8 years ago

It's handy that this victim of multiple bike thefts knew a bike thief he could go out with to - er - steal himself a replacement. Pity that the known bike thief couldn't have helped him just get back his own stolen bikes. 

Seriously - I don't know *any* bike thieves "Excuse me but are you a bicycle thief, my good man?" "Well yes I am " "Oh excellent, can you help me please?"

lolol | 8 years ago

Speedometer, I had one of those on my bike when I was ten, it was so cool (I thought at the time)


antonio | 8 years ago
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Hard cheese!!!

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