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Cycling deals on frames, shoe & pedal bundles, & Ass Savers

Under 2 weeks till Christmas - grab a Kinesis frame, a road shoe and pedal bundle. a £3 Ass Saver + more!

Here we are, it's the penultimate weekend before Christmas. Are you ready? It's alright if you're not, because the DealCatcher's here with a whole host of cracking cycling deals to bail you out.

The first thing on the cyclist in your life's Christmas list is a Kinesis Racelight Aithein Frameset. Right?

What's that? It's not? Well, it certainly should be, especially at this price.

In fact, the DealCatcher recommends you ignore whatever Christmas list you've got in front of you, and focus on the list of potential gifts he's collected - the prices are irresistible.

The aforementioned Kinesis frame has seen a 49% discount, there's a FLR race road shoe and Shimano pedal bundle at an incredible 64% off, 64% is the magic number which the waterproof Specialized Start jacket's been reduced by, Halfords have slashed the price of the ever-popular Ass Saver mudguards by 40%, and there's a great pair of Endura arm warmers for 35% off at Zovelo.



49% off Kinesis Racelight Aithein Frameset
WAS £649.99 | NOW £329.99

Kinesis Racelight Aithein Frameset.jpg

Now, unfortunately we haven't got a sparkly star-rated review to show off for the Kinesis Racelight Aithein.

We do have an incredibly in-depth First Ride from our very own Jo Burt to share with you, in which he analyses the Racelight Athein's feel and ride up and down some stunning Cotswold scenery.

The frame itself weighs in at 1.2kg, and the ride - according to Jo's review which you can read below - is exciting and responsive. He says it'll make a fantastic race bike, with the frame being nippy enough to keep you at the sharp end of the peloton.

- Read more:'s Kinesis Racelight Aithein First Ride


Merlin Cycles

64% off FLR Race Shoes & SPD Pedal Bundle
WAS £219.94 | NOW £79.98

59% off FLR F-117 Race Road Shoes
WAS £159.95 | NOW £64.99

42% off Shimano PD-R550 SPD-SL Road Pedals
WAS £59.99 | NOW £34.99

Shimano pedals and SLR shoes.png

Merlin Cycles have done it again. They've conjured up an incredible bundle. 

The bits of this great bundle are individually discounted at a great rate on their own if you already have a pair of shoes or pedals that you're happy with, but the bundle offers the best value.

A pair of carbon soled FLR Race Road Cycling shoes - with lightweight microfibre pinhole leather uppers and a performance cushioned insole - at a close-to 60% discount are the main event.

But the pair of Shimano PD R550 SPD pedals which are discounted at 42% on their own make a great inclusion if you're after a whole new shoe-pedal set.

Need a little more help in deciding which shoes to splash out on? Check out our buyers guide on performance road shoes:

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Leisure Lakes Bikes

64% off Specialized Start Winter Partial Waterproof Jacket
WAS £110.00 | NOW £40.00



At this time of year, if you want to enjoy your ride, staying dry's gotta be at the top of your to-do list.

This jacket from Specialized will do a fantastic job at keeping you happy, comfortable, and dry in anything but the most torrential of downpours.

Designed to manage light showers, and chilly mornings, the Start Winter jacket features Airtek membranes on the sleeves and front panels that protect you from the wind and keep you warm and well-ventilated.

These sections aren't as waterproof as your ultra-waterproof jackets, but they'll keep you far more comfortable - as long as the rain storms stay out of biblical terretory.

Want a bit of guidance when it comes to staying dry this winter? Read this:

 - Read more:'s best waterproof jackets buyer's guide



40% off Ass Saver Original Mud Guards
WAS £5.00 | NOW £3.00

Ass Saver.png

If you're ever caught short in the mudguard department, here's your opportunity to solve that problem once and for all.

We've loved Ass Savers at for years. We keep plenty of them floating around the office in case we get an unseasonal bout of rain.

The product themselves are little bits of ingeniously folded plastic that fix below your saddle to provide you with convenient protection from road spray.

- Read more:'s Ass Saver Mudguard review



35% off Endura FS260 Pro Arm Warmers
WAS £22.99 | NOW £14.99

Endura FS260 Pro Arm Warmers.png

Finally, if all of your favourite jerseys are short sleeved, the cheapest and best solution for you in the colder months should be arm warmers.

This pair from Endura will see you right.

Insulating Thermolite fabric of the FS260 Pros will keep your upper arms and forearms warm, while the articulated fit and silicone elastic gripper will keep them firmly in place throughout your ride.

They're waterproof too.

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Mockenrue | 8 years ago

I would suggest mentioning that the Aithein discount only applies to the 47cm size. The larger sizes are £584.99. A bit of a let down really.

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