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US startup launches bike guaranteed against theft

A team monitors second-hand markets in a bid to prevent the resale of any bike taken

A US startup is launching a bike that it says is theft-proof and weather-proof.  The modestly-named Invincible is specifically designed for urban use and the firm behind it is looking to raise $100,000 via Kickstarter.

“End Bike Theft. Once and For All,” reads the heading for the campaign. The manufacturers, Fortified Bicycle, are clearly confident.

There are two security aspects underpinning the venture – the security measures on the bike itself and what happens afterwards.

The bike is put together with custom bolts, so you can’t undo anything without the proprietary key. It also comes with a fortified D-lock.

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So far, so prosaic, but FortifiedProtect means the bike is also guaranteed against theft. If the bike, or any of its components, is taken, they will ship you a replacement within 24 hours. All you pay for is the shipping costs. Fortified feel able to do this because they have set up a team to track ownership and second-hand markets in a bid to prevent bikes from being sold on.

FortifiedProtect comes at a cost - $100 a year – but Fortified co-founder, Tivan Amour, told Pez Cycling News that making the bike harder to sell would also make it less appealing to thieves.

“It’s no secret that most stolen goods are sold in online marketplaces like Craigslist or eBay. So part of our solution is to keep our bikes out of secondary markets. By restricting secondary sales, we ensure that thieves no longer have an incentive to steal our bikes”

Whether thieves will actually be aware of this is perhaps the key.

There are two versions of the Invincible – a single-speed with calliper brakes and an eight-speed with disc brakes. The bike has been designed specifically for urban use and Fortified believes their customers won’t need more gears than that. The bike features an aluminium frame, puncture-resistant tyres and a rust-resistant chain.

The single-speed is available with the firm’s D-lock for $399 and for an extra $50 you get the first year of FortifiedProtect. The eight-speed is $699 with lock and FortifiedProtect. Lights, a rear rack and mudguards are also available as add-ons.

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Chicarhi | 8 years ago

I've had their lights since the company first launched, and they're every bit as rugged and theft-proof as I hoped for. Looking forward to having a killer city bike instead of the second-or third-hand crap we all get because it's cheap to replace! 

mike the bike | 8 years ago


Please send details of your insurance policy.  I wish I could cover four expensive bikes for just over a quid a week .....

Gkam84 | 8 years ago

Looking at their bolts and tool. I already have a number of those in different sizes for various bolts. They are called "security" bolts, but you can get tools for them anywhere. It was the same when Torx and others used to be used for "security"

kie7077 | 8 years ago
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Good luck tracking the bikes sold from all 2nd hand shops, car boot sales, markets and pubs.

Al__S | 8 years ago

so it's an overpriced single speed with a proprietary tool for the bolts and an over-expensive insurance policy?

seven replied to Al__S | 8 years ago
Al__S wrote:

so it's an overpriced single speed with a proprietary tool for the bolts and an over-expensive insurance policy?

My thoughts exactly. I have insurance for if any of my bikes get nicked. Each one cost a hell of a lot more than one of these and the annual insurance for all four isn't a kick in the arse off what they're asking to insure one run of the mill urban bike. Weird.

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