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Video: Danny MacAskill's 80s rock homage

Stunt star and co. in hilarious stadium rock vid to promote New Year arena tour

Danny MacAskill’s latest video sings to rather a different tune.

Titled Drop and Roll, McAskill’s latest installation, a tongue-in-cheek 80s rock homage, is rather a departure from previous videos, melding the epic with the downright silly.

Replete with mullet wigs and double denim, Danny “Big Deal” MacAskill, is joined by Duncan “Heartbreaker” Shaw, Ali “Whiskers” Clarkson and Fabio “Ice Cold” Wibmer promoting a series of indoor arena shows next year, with the same title.

You may need a second watch to get past the “what the…” factor, but there’s some seriously impressive bike acrobatics in there.

Think flight case leaps via musical instruments, crowd diving, somersaults and a bonus fake goofball groin impalement.

Our personal favourite, though, has to be the bike to power slide across a stage, while the bike continues underneath, before a smooth remount. Seriously impressive silliness. MacAskill and co., we salute you.

You can find out more about the Drop and Roll tour here.

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