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Aussie cyclist fined for loosely fitting helmet

University student was fined by police in a park on Ride2Work day

We've all seen dubious helmet fitting out there, from the "Regency Bonnet" to the look mum, no straps, but one cyclist was actually fined by Aussie police yesterday for wearing wobbly headgear.

The woman, a university student, was reportedly left in tears after police fined her $70 - on Ride2Work Day - because the strap on her helmet wasn't fastened tightly enough.

The woman was apparently cycling through a Carlton North bike path through a Melbourne park, a popular commuter route, yesterday evening, where police were ticketing passing cyclists. She was later reportedly seen calling police to complain of her treatment.

Resident Max Ryan, who witnessed the incident, told the Herald Sun he saw a male rider without a helmet let go without a warning.

He said: “I felt really awful for her.

“I totally understand if somebody is not doing the right thing, but it’s such a subjective argument to understand how tight a helmet should be. Are police going to be sticking two fingers in between the strap and their chin?” Mr Ryan said.

 A Victoria Police spokesman confirmed cyclists could be fined if their helmets are too loose.

Police Commissioner Graham Ashton defended the officers' actions on the radio this morning.

“It’s something that on the surface can appear to be overkill but if you’re not there it’s hard to second-guess sometimes,” he told ABC radio.

“Normally that’s the sort of thing where a caution would apply, but in this case the members thought it best to go down the infringement path.”

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Airzound | 8 years ago
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Critchio | 8 years ago

Seriously the more I hear about the how the Aussies Police themselves the more I think how barmy they all are with their stupid cycle laws and helmet laws. It really is fuckwittery at its finest. The uniformed Police over there seem to have similar IQ to that of an amoeba. No, the amoeba is much smarter, sorry. It just defies comprehension.

Milkfloat | 8 years ago

Australia, we are laughing at your absurdity.

ron611087 | 8 years ago

How to make criminals out of your citizens. Just make stupid laws.

mike the bike | 8 years ago

I hear their next move is to wait at a busy junction and check that the girls' shorts are tight enough.  You can't be too careful!

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