Cycling deals on Specialized, Kona, and Limar glasses

Grab a bargain with the DealCatcher this afternoon - a 40% discounted Kona Zing, a professional Specialized waterproof + specs

Today the DealCatcher's been knocking about the bargain basements of three top retailers, namely Cycle Surgery, Zovelo, and Lesiure Lakes. 

On his travels he's found a number of massive bargains including a Kona Zing at a huge 40% discount from the guys over at Cycle Surgery.

Also, a half-price pair of Limar sunglasses feature, which you'll be pleased to know come with a clear lens option to protect you from the gloomy winter spray, as well as tint and anti-glare lenses.

Finally, a professional standard Specialized waterproof jacket from Leisure Lakes closes off today's range of deals with its 35% reduction.


Cycle Surgery

40% off Kona Zing Road Bike
WAS £999.00 | NOW £599.00

If you're after a bargain winter trainer without losing out on too much performance or a high-quality first road bike, look no further than this discounted Kona Zing from Cycle Surgery.

The Kona Zing carries a Shimano Tiagra groupset, which is very rare for a bike that's coming in at the sub-£600 price bracket, on a lightweight Kona 6061 aluminium frame. A carbon fork will dampen any road buzz and give you the feel of a much smoother ride than you'd expect on a bike at this price point.



50% off Limar OF 5.5 Sports Sunglasses + 3 lenses
WAS £43.99 | NOW £21.99

If you're a cyclist your sunglasses don't go away when the sun does. At least, the frames don't.

This pair of Limar sunglasses will protect you from any unseasonal autumn sunshine, as well as any road spray as the rain starts to set in.

Three removable lenses come with the frames, as well as a hard case for protection. So, whether you're riding through darkness and have to use the anti-glare lenses, blazing sunshine and have to use the tinted lenses, or mid-winter gloom, you'll be covered.


Leisure Lakes

35% off Specialized SL Pro Gore-Tex Rain Jacket
WAS £200.00 | NOW £129.99

Finally, keep your performance up, and your body dry with this pro Gore-Tex rain jacket from Specialized.

This is the best rain jacket that Specialized offer, and it's at its best price here at Leisure Lakes.

The Gore-Tex shell will keep you dry, as will the fully taped seams and waterproof zipper. The jacket hugs your figure perfectly so as not to produce any unnecessary drag, and it even packs away into its own mesh bag small enough to fit into a jersey pocket.

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