See.Sense Icon connected light achieves 100% Kickstarter funding goal in 16-hours + video

The new See.Sense Icon is a connected and intelligent LED bicycle light, and it has smashed its Kickstarter goal

The new See.Sense Icon is an intelligent and connected bicycle light that can be controlled from a smartphone via Bluetooth and has achieved its Kickstarter funding target in just 16-hours.

At the time of writing, the company has raised £37,822 of funding, surpassing its £24,000 goal. The campaign still has 26 days to go, so it’s likely that final figure will be a lot higher.

The company launched its first light a year ago, also on Kickstarter, which used sensors to automatically flash brighter and faster to improve visibility when you need it most.

- See.Sense review

The new See.Sense Icon is cleverer than the original. It can be paired with a compatible smartphone (iOS and Android) using Bluetooth Smart so you can control the settings through an app. The light modes can be adjusted from flashing to constant, a slider allows you to adjust the brightness, and you can check the battery life. You can also adjust front and rear lights from the same app.

The light itself is apparently intelligent enough to sense when you need increased visibility, such as an approaching car or nearing a junction, and flash brighter and faster. A unique feature of the original light was a complete lack of buttons, it was turned on and off simply by rotating the entire light unit. The new Icon has actual buttons so you can manually switch it on and off.

The new Icon is also more than just a light now. It can alert you, via the smartphone app, if your bike is being stolen. Similarly, it can also detect a crash and alert a nominated contact.

The light uses a pair of CREE LEDs encased in a waterproof (IP67) unit. The battery is recharged in 5-hours via a USB cable, and the run time is a claimed 15-hours. The light weighs just 49g and 61g when you including the mount.

See.Sense offers two versions of the Icon, the regular pairs a 160-lumen front light with a 95 lumen rear light while the Icon+ boosts the output by 50 lumens.

Now the Kickstarter goal has been reached, the light is going into production (and it’s made in Northern Ireland) in November, with delivery expected from January.  If you missed the Kickstarter early bird pledges, you can still get a rear light for £49 or a front and rear light set for £74. Shipping is free in the UK and the US with a £4 charge for European shipping and £8 to the rest of the world.

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