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On a cold January Wednesday the Imbibe bar in South London played host to 150 thrill-seekers, 70 of whom took up the challenge to race with the remainder keen to expend almost as much energy cheering.
In the female event Rachael Przybylski once again triumphed, but she's not unstoppable, part time Rollapaluza MC Stelle put down the microphone to record a time only four hundredths of a second behind Rachael's best.
There was upset in the men's competition with two major roller race stars being knocked out, Simon Jackson, who has never lost a Rollapaluza that he has entered, was knocked out by Cameron Fraser of Team LaFuga in the quarter finals and Rollapaluza's very own Caspar had a dead-heat with World Firefighters champion Joe Wood, in the immediate 250m ride-off Caspar triumphed and continued to become a very popular winner.
Dj's Jono and KHY Boogie spun the punk and funk with MCs Stelle, Rob, Winston and newcomer Fast Eddy commentating.

Male Results:
Quarter Finals
Joe Wood and Caspar dead heat (20.22) Caspar won 250m ride-off.
Tim (20.69) bt Illy (20.72)
Hillbilly (20.53) bt Scott Murphy (21.13)
Cameron Fraser (20.28) bt Simon Jackson (20.34)

Semi Finals
Caspar (20.28) bt Cameron Fraser (20.44)
Tim (20.91) bt Hillbilly (21.22)
Minor Final
3rd: Hillbilly (21.06)
4th: Cameron Fraser (21.25)

1st: Caspar Hughes (20.57)
2nd: Tim (20.85)

Women's results:
Fastest Time: Rachel Przybylski 23.87s

Semi Finals
Rachel Przybylski (24.31) bt Rachael Miskin (25.66)
Stelle and Jennifer dead heat. Jennifer won 250m ride off.

Minor Final
3rd: Stelle (23.91)
4th Rachael Miskin (25.00)

1st: Rachael Przybylski (23.87)
2nd: Jennifer Doohan (25.91)