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The handlebar sonar unit that measures passing distance

Device has been developed to help with the enforcement of passing laws

BikeBiz reports on a bike-mounted system that can calculate the proximity of passing vehicles. The C3FT device has been developed for the enforcement of safe passing laws by Austin-based engineering firm, Codaxus.

The C3FT uses an ultrasonic detector on an adjustable arm with the measurements immediately displayed on a numeric display. The device can also be set up to buzz when a vehicle passes inside a preset threshold.

The Chattanooga Police Department currently makes use of the system to enforce a 3ft passing law, reasoning that judging distance by eye or from video footage is difficult. Codaxus suggests that it could also be used by researchers and local authorities and there is also scope for it to be used by the public in combination with a helmet cam should a person need to prove that a car passed them dangerously closely.

BikeBiz editor, Carlton Reid, recently produced a video in which Chris Boardman explained how to safely overtake a cyclist. The video, also featuring cycling club Exeter Wheelers and master driving instructor Blaine Walsh, demonstrates how much room a cyclist or group of riders need, and why they might need it, including to avoid imperfections in the road.

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