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VIDEO: Karma as van driver screaming abuse hits car in front

So distracted by abusing cyclist after close pass, van driver rear-ends another car

You might even call it karma… a new video shows the moment that a driver having a row with a cyclist who accused him of cutting him up becomes so riled he rear-ends the car in front.

David Brennan, a helmet-cam cyclist, videoed the moment a van driver cut him up, and decided to speak to him about it as they travelled along Crow Road in Jordanhill, Glasgow.

In the video, entitled, ‘Ooops’ -What happened to the white van driver when he abused a cyclist?, Mr Brennan also captured the moment the white van hit the back of a car in front.


After the crash, someone off-camera shouts: 'Oh for f*** sake'.

In the film, the van overtakes Mr Brennan, who is heard shouting: “No! Are you serious?

“You were overtaking me to get in front of me. Did you really think you were going to get in front of me?

“Goodbye. Jesus, what an idiot!'

A voice, apparently of the van driver, retorts:”Don’t be a f****** p****.'

Once the van hits the car in front, Mr Brennan assures its driver: “Mate, I've got it on camera, so I'll be a witness.

“Mate, he was actually busy shouting profanities at me at the time so he wasn't paying attention.'

The van driver says to the cyclist: “Jog on. You're weaving in and out of the traffic out there causing all sorts of problems.”

But Mr Brennan has the last word, saying: “You were shouting abuse at me and went into the back of somebody.”

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