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Video: Internet creates fat bike with tiny front wheel

The XTERRAIN500 with its 10" wide mini front wheel also exists in real life to tackle soft sand, snow, mud...

A new bike that claims to be able to ride across soft sand "virtually effortlessly" has appeared on the internet. And it's pretty, well, unique.

The rather unusual-looking XTERRAIN500 has an electric motor and fat tyres but the show stealer is that tiny 20" (but 10" wide) fat front wheel a-la all terrain vehicle which, makers claim, can go over soft sand, mud, gravel, grass and even deep snow.

Footage shows Sand Snow Bikes' XTERRAIN500, with its regular rear wheel with a 4.6" fat tyre, whizzing merrily along soft Miami sand and rolling over beach margin plant life. It can apparently do 20 miles like this on one charge of its 48 volt battery with a 500W motor.

The bike, which has a top speed of 20mph, also has RockShox front suspension and, thanks to a 4 hole fork plate, front forks can be adjusted to take a regular size 26"x4" front tyre as well as the tiny fat one.

It has to be seen to be believed, so watch the video (though maybe on mute if you're not into excessively perky music). It's strangely mesmerising. 

The XTERRAIN500 is launching soon on crowd funding site Indiegogo and is expected to cost $1,600.

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