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Video: Giant to launch new shoe range

Lineup includes this distinctive Surge road shoe that incorporates new tech

Giant will shortly be entering the shoes market with a distinctive-looking range that comprises the Surge road shoe and the Charge and Amp mountain bike shoes.

The design process involved biomechanics experts, the Rabobank Development Team, and Giant off-road racers and the shoes have been designed according to what Giant calls its Motion Efficiency System (MES).

Do what?

“Motion Efficiency System [is] a revolutionary footwear concept that optimises the natural motion of a rider’s foot while improving power transfer, fit and comfort,” says Giant.

“Engineered and developed with the Dynamic Cycling Fit philosophy by a team of biomechanics experts, engineers and athletes, MES combines a stiff and efficient pedalling platform with just enough torsional flex to reduce pressure and strain.

“The result is a more natural foot movement during the pedal stroke, which improves both comfort and efficiency.”

So there you go, straight from the horse’s mouth. Oh, hang on! There’s more.

“Giant’s Motion Efficiency System addresses inversion and eversion between the heel and forefoot and offers built-in fit and comfort, with less need for orthotics or other after-market solutions.”

Inversion is the movement of the foot inwards, eversion is the movement of the foot outwards. Giant is promising a lot, then.

The brand says that the Surge features an ExoBeam outsole. Oh crikey! We need another explanation.

“ExoBeam is a unique sole technology that combines stiffness in the forefoot, where most of a rider’s power is applied, with strategically engineered flex zones that reduce tension and strain in the lower leg by allowing the foot to move in a more natural way,” says Giant.

“While most performance cycling shoes rely on ultra-stiff plate soles, ExoBeam puts the stiffness where it needs to be and allows just enough flex in other areas of the shoe. Without the traditional plate sole, the foot can be fully wrapped in the enclosure system, resulting in increased power transfer, a more precise fit and improved comfort for overall efficiency.”

It also features an ExoWrap closure. Oh no! We’re lost again.

“ExoWrap works in harmony with the ExoBeam to produce a unique 360-degree foot enclosure for customisable fit and support,” says Giant. “While most shoe enclosures simply pull the foot down toward the sole, ExoWrap fully supports the foot by also pulling up. This optimises the fit benefits of the BOA enclosure and improves power transfer, comfort and overall efficiency.”

Boa, as you probably know, is a dial-operated lace system that you can easily adjust from the saddle.

You’ll be wanting a price and a timescale on availability. We’re working on both.

In the meantime, check out this video that covers the design process. It’s a slow starter, admittedly, sbut it gets more meaty towards the end so tick with it.

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stevie63 | 8 years ago

I notice that some sites in the US list these as $320 so £250 plus here.

Iamnot Wiggins | 8 years ago

They look very, very similar to Mavic shoes.

RPK | 8 years ago

I'm curious to know what the tie-in with the Kathmandu logo is about:

ronin | 8 years ago

Round about now, I don't think I'd care how much they'd cost as long as they fit my duck feet. My Shimano shoes in wide are on there last legs. New shimano shoes are less wide. Running out of options fast...ordered and returned most shoes I can think of.

hampstead_bandit | 8 years ago

Had a good look at the road shoes a few weeks back, interesting ideas.

Looking forward to testing a pair to see how they stack up against Shimano, Specialized, Giro and Fizik shoes I have used / still own.

frazered | 8 years ago

All sounds expensive...

peted76 | 8 years ago

As a flat footed fella I've spent a lot of time researching cycling footwear options and I am intrigued about this new design tech (although I'm sure these won't fix my foot to hip biometrics).

Good stuff Giant!

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