April 1: Hope Technologies hit the road

MTB stalwarts moving over to tarmac with new frame

Following on from the success of their Hope Hoops wheels it seems that Hope are buying into the road scene lock stock and barrel, and they've just released details of their new Carbon frame, the Pro TC, which is available from today at Hope dealers that carry the wheels.

Never one to shirk from innovation Hope have developed a new chainstay and down tube design that mixes the compliance of unidirectional fibres with stiffness derived from intermediate layers of modified Rayon weave. The stays are then milled around the bottom bracket using a process similar the the CNC they use for their Aluminium components to save weight. They've dubbed it the UN-WRIL concept (catchy name) and Hope promise it'll deliver – you guessed it – lateral stiffness and vertical compliance.

Hope have gone for an asymetric head tube (doesn't everyone) and an integrated seat tube, and the geometry is in between true race and more upright sportive bikes, filling a gap for faster sportive riders. The down tube and one piece top tube/seatstay construction is designed to soak up road shock more efeciently.

Neil Arnold of Hope said of the new frame, "We believe the Pro TC sets the standard for fast sportive riding. However much you demand of the bike it'll help you push the boundaries of your performance. Coupled with our SP5.0 wheelset there's nothing quite like it. It's unbelievable, it really is"

For more info on the frame and Hope Hoops, head over to

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