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Underwhelming Surrey cycle safety campaign has more tips for cyclists than drivers, including wear a helmet

Wear a helmet and get some insurance, Cycle SMART campaign urges

A safety campaign for roads in Surrey has targeted cyclists, telling them to take more care at junctions in the light of new collision statistics.

Between 2008 and 2014, 32% of collisions involving a cyclist happened when a vehicle turned in front of their path, but cyclists are being pushed to position themselves better.

Surrey County Council and Surrey Police released figures showing there were four deaths, 162 serious injuries, and 482 slight injuries of cyclists in the county last year - today host to the 100 mile RideLondon sportive.

Helmets, hi-vis and "showing some love" the key to safe cycling in London, says Britain's biggest insurer

Surrey Police issue safety warning to road cyclists after injury

Angie Lee, from the Cycle-Smart Foundation, said: "Motorists are number one because obviously they've got the bigger and tougher vehicle."

She said the Cycle-Smart Foundation wanted cyclists to have insurance in case of any damage they cause to vehicles or pedestrians.

The Drive Smart Surrey website featured these tips:

To ensure the safety of all Surrey’s road users, it is important that everyone is aware of each other and follows a few simple road safety tips:


  • Ride where others can see you, don't ride in the gutter
  • Allow drivers to pass where it is safe to do so
  • Don’t stop in large groups on the road
  • Be seen, be safe! Use lights, dress bright
  • Take your time to see other road users around you, especially at junctions
  • Make sure you're wearing a correctly fitted helmet.



  • Give space when overtaking. Expect cyclists to be riding away from the gutter
  • If you're pulling out of a junction, always look out for cyclists
  • Pass a cyclist at a cautious speed
  • Take extra care when turning left, you may not be able to see cyclists that are around you.

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