Is Scott set to launch a new Foil aero road bike?

Does a photo posted on Instagram show that Scott has developed an updated Foil aero road bike?

A photo posted on Scott’s Instagram account recently with the caption "Nothing to see here" suggests that the company might be about to unveil an update of its long-running Foil aero road bike.

Scott used a camo paint job to vaguely disguise its new Addict disc-equipped cyclocross bike earlier this year, before it was officially unveiled to the world. It looks like the company is doing the same with its expected Foil replacement. 

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What makes us think this is a replacement for the Foil? Largely because the Foil was first introduced in 2011 and in the bike world that’s an eternity. Plus the company has more recently launched new time trial (Plasma), cyclocross (Addict CX) and endurance models (Solace), leaving the Foil the last bike due an update.

There's more conclusive evidence on the UCI's approved list of frame and forks, which lists a model called the "FO2" approved on the 6th March 2015. Before the Foil was officially revealed it went under the name FO1 during its development phase.

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With the likes of Trek set to launch a new Madone with even more aero features, and rumours of a new Venge in the pipeline, Scott needs to be seen to investing in its flagship aero road bike, and aerodynamic design is rapidly evolving and maturing. Scott sponsors two professional road teams, IAM and Greenedge, and they both favour the Foil.


Nothing to see here.

A photo posted by SCOTT Sports Bicycle Division (@bikeonscott) on

What is new?

There’s not much we can tell from the photo, but there’s one intriguing detail, a Syncros integrated handlebar. One-piece integrated handlebars are in fashion at the moment as manufacturers work to find more aerodynamic savings and reducing the frontal surface area and smoothing airflow over the handlebars has prompted Specialized, Canyon and Cervelo to launch such handlebars in the last year.

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We can also see that the bike is fitted with a Shimano Dura-Ace direct mount front brake - the current Foil has a dual pivot front brake - and direct mount brakes are a common sight on the latest crop of aero road bikes.

There’s more. The cable routing is very different. The current Foil has the rear brake cable internally routed into the left side of the head tube, this new bike has the routing on the opposite side. There’s also no sign of the Di2 wire either, so it’s most likely Scott has routed the wiring inside the handlebars and through the frame, in a similar style to the Canyon Aeroad.

If this is indeed a new Foil, we’re hoping Scott addresses the stiffness of the frame which was a complaint when we reviewed it. It feels fine on a perfectly smooth race track, but it can jolt and jar on regular roads.

Aero road bikes usually come with a weight penalty compared to regular road bikes, but at a claimed 850g the current Foil isn’t a heavyweight. Still, Scott is a company famously obsessed with light weight and we’re sure they’ve made savings.

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