With a barely discernible clunk... and a 10% discount

Wiggle are now the exclusive UK distributor of Lightweight components, and the first shipment of gear has arrived. As well as the feathery rear mech (above) they're offering six different wheels – Standard, Obermayer, Standard C, Ventoux 190 and 240 and the rear disc – and a bunch of other kit too.

As an introductory offer Wiggle are giving 10% off all Lightweight gear, meaning that the sub-120g rear derailleur will only set you back, erm, £704. And you'll need even deeper pockets for the wheels, which range from a not-too-salty £1300 for the rear disc to a shade over three grand for Obermayer III wheelset, which weighs in at under a kilo for the two wheels. And they're not just for you feathery climbers either, or so Lightweight would have you believe: on the way down, "their perfect balance reduces gyroscopic effects and enhances the bikes handling" apparently. And the 20-spoke Obermayers are safe for riders up to 100kg.

To see the full range of Lightweight stuff that Wiggle currently have on offer, point your browser to http://www.wiggle.co.uk/m/Cycle/7/Lightweight/


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