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#mycyclingweekend 7 - Spring is springing (we hope)!

It's here! Winter is officially over, so how many lambs, daffodils, and bunnies can we cram into this #mycyclingweekend?...

It's officially over, the winter is done and the spring is upon us. Obviously, those of us in the UK know that doesn't mean a lot weather-wise. Our climate will remain as unpredicatbale as ever, just with a marginally higher average temperature.

That does grant many of us the opportunity to do away with our winter gear, however. And if you're one of the brave ones who decides to do just that, and get your knees out this weekend, then good for you! And send us a picture!

This week we want inspiration. Reasurance that despite what is set to be a typically chilly mid-March weekend - although some parts of the country have enjoyed warm, post-solar eclipse sunshine today - better weather is ahead.

We're looking forward to seeing your pics - upload them to social media, whether that be Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, with the hashtag #mycyclingweekend and we'll take a look and showcase the best on Monday.

Happy riding - and to give you your own inspiration, here are some of our favourite pictures from previous weeks.

Picture - Paul Harris

Picture - Instagram user hatemgkotb

Picture - John Sanderson

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