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Speed limit should be 20mph across London, says transport consultancy

Spread the City's 20mph limit to all London boroughs for safer cycling, walking and schools, says report...

The speed limit should be 20mph across London according to the transport consultancy firm Steer Davies Gleave (SDG).

Having carried out research into the impact of 20mph speed limits and zones” for the London Borough of Merton on behalf of the London Environment Directors’ Network (LEDNet), SDG produced a 92 page document that concluded that driver education was as essential as new stricter rules.

It said: “Enforcement is only a partial solution, with changed driver attitudes so that 20mph is seen as the appropriate speed in urban areas being the key to achieving sustained reductions in vehicle speeds.”

Rod King MBE, founder of 20‘s Plenty for Us said: “Transport consultants SDG are clearly in favour of adoption of wide area 20mph limits.

“We know that it’s popular with residents too. Explaining the benefits to drivers is key to lasting cultural change where 20mph makes places better places to be. Local and national politicians can be confident that 20mph is a clear win-win for their residents, communities and the country.

“It’s time for 20 to be the default limit for not only London but all our urban, village and community streets.”

Other findings of the SDG report were that:

The evidence is clear that reducing vehicle speeds results in fewer and less severe collisions, particularly for vulnerable road users

Applying an area-wide approach has the benefit of providing greater consistency for drivers, improving awareness and supporting cultural change

There is already a nucleus of existing 20mph boroughs in central London, and this could be used as a starting point for outwards expansion

20mph limits supported primarily by signage and roadmarkings are more cost
effective; however, a budget should be retained to implement targeted measures where high vehicle speeds persist

Whether borough main roads and TLRN roads are included in 20mph schemes should be decided based on the local context

At least 10% of the implementation budget should be set aside for a package of complementary ‘soft’ measures to foster cultural change.

Earlier this year we reported how the City of London became a 20mph zone.

The new limit is part of the City’s road danger reduction plan, something we first reported on in 2011, and has been reinforced on all the roads bounding the square mile with the exception of those in Westminster.

Upper Thames Street, which is a Transport for London road, remains 30mph, but other TfL roads, between Blackfriars Bridge and Farringdon Street and between Norton Folgate and London Bridge, are 20mph as part of an experiment into road safety.

It is thought that the scheme could reduce road casualties by as much as seven per cent.

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