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Look's blade technology trickles down pedal range + video

New Kéo 2 Max Blade pedal comes with composite spring

Look are launching a new pedal called the Kéo 2 Max Blade, taking the existing Kéo 2 Max and adding a composite strip to provide the tension, a lot like the carbon blade in the Kéo Blade.

Look have been using a carbon blade – a strip of flexible material – rather than a metal spring in the cleat retention mechanism of their high-end pedals for a few years now. You can’t adjust the release tension like you can with a metal spring, but you do get to choose between different blades that provide different levels of tension.

Now Look have trickled down the technology to the Kéo 2 Max pedal.

“With that new material, the sensations of engaging and disengaging are located at an intermediary level between a spring pedal and a pedal with a carbon blade,” say Look.

The Kéo 2 Max Blade has a platform area of 400mm2, which is 18% larger than that of the Kéo 2 Max, and a width of 60mm. The axle position is the same but the stack height – the distance from the centre of the axle to the sole of your shoe – is slightly lower at of 14mm as opposed to 15.7mm.

You get to choose between blade tensions of 8N m and 12 N m. The pedal features a cromo axle, one needle bearing and two ball bearings. 

Look claim a pedal weight of 118g – that’s 12g lighter than the Kéo 2 Max – and a pedal plus cleat weight of 152g.

The Kéo 2 Max Blade will be available in both black and white but we don’t yet know when and we don’t have a price either (we’ve asked and will update when we know).

Look’s UK distributor is Fisher Outdoor Leisure

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massspike | 9 years ago

I was sold until I realized I would have to lower my saddle 1.7mm  3

mrmo replied to massspike | 9 years ago
massspike wrote:

I was sold until I realized I would have to lower my saddle 1.7mm  3

you can joke, but i changed my shoes a couple of months back from a pair of sidi genius 5's to a set of sidi fives and despite tweaking the cleats for weeks i was getting knee pain. checked the sole thickness and the new shoes are a couple of mm thinner, adjusted the saddle and no pain at all.

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