Cyclist killed in collision on London Bridge

Rider dies despite efforts of passers-by to resucitate him

A male cyclist has been killed following a collision with a car on London Bridge yesterday evening, reports Express Online.

Passers-by, one of them a doctor, tried to save the man’s life, but despite one administering mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and others going to the nearby Monument Underground station to obtain emergency equipment, their efforts were in vain.

One eyewitness told a reporter from Express Online at the scene that he “saw the cyclist go down in the road and then he was hit by a nearby car.”

According to City of London Police, the fatal incident took place at around 7.30pm and caused the bridge to be closed in both directions.

A spokesman for the London Ambulance Service said: "Despite the best efforts of our staff and members of the public at the scene, the patient, a man reported to be in his 30s, sadly died.

"We would like to thank everyone at the scene who did what they could to help - a doctor who started CPR while we were on our way and another passer-by who rushed to Monument Tube station to collect a defibrillator.

"We are sorry there was not a better outcome," he added.

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