Say it with cotton this Christmas… of the ethically sourced, organic, road.cc variety

Stuck for the perfect cycling related last-minute present? Fear not, road.cc has the answer… you'll never guess, it's the road.cc t-shirt.

Available in a choice of blue on blue, pink on brown or pink on pink and in sizes from small to XXL these are really top quality items, the blue and brown versions (£17.99 + £1.50 P&P) are made from ethically sourced organic cotton and are particularly soft and comfortable while the pink ones (£16.99 + £1.50 P&P) are very, erm, pink.

Sizing is fairly generous, in the picture Tony is wearing a medium blue t-shirt and Oli a small one, that's not Dave in the pink. We're sold out of the medium pink on brown version but all other sizes are in stock.

What man, woman, or child wouldn't be thrilled to have such a beautifully crafted item turn up in their Christmas stocking. By the way, did we mention that it was nearly Christmas? No need to panic just yet though with the simply click of the helpfully placed “buy” button below your Christmas pressie worries will soon be over.

To guarantee you get your t-shirt for Christmas you will need to get your order in by Monday lunchtime and we'll need to run down to the Post Office before it shuts… it's Christmas Day next Friday y'know.

Want to know more about the road.cc t-shirt? here's what some satisfied customers have had to say.

*except for maybe a bike, a trip to the Tour de France, another bike

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