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Updated sneak peak: Team Radioshack Madone – now with high res images

Look out Bradley he's behind you! …Or maybe he's in front

Team Radioshack have been at their first training camp this week and as well as an impressive looking team line up, they've got an impressive looking bike too. Trek have released these pictures of the 2010 Radioshack team bike.

It's a machine with an impressive pedigree – in it's various forms it has won more editions of the Tour de France than any other bike and it was ridden by the current champion to Alberto Contador last year… albeit in a rather different livery. More relevantly it was also ridden by Lance Armstrong to third place in the race.

The Radioshack bike is an eye-catching affair with a paint job that looks to have been inspired by it's most famous rider's collaborations with various artists such as Damien Hirst and Shepard Fairey. The Radioshack bike paint job is by Trek's in-house designer Mike Pfaltzgraph who designed the 1274 bike that sold at the Sotheby’s auction for $130,000 recently… $20,000 more than the Shepard Fairy machine went for.

Lance, Levi and co will be riding a state of the art Trek Madone 6 series frameset equipped with SRAM Red and top of the range Bontrager wheels and finishing kit. Lucky lads. 

Expect the Radioshack design to be one of Trek's Project One options some time next spring and to see more pictures of the bike check out the gallery on Trek's Facebook page.

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