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How to be a gentleman cyclist

An etiquette guide for cyclists who care

Have you ever wondered how a noble cyclist is distinguished from the riff raff? Ever felt like your etiquette could do with some brushing up?

If so, this short video guide is for you. Learn a standard of behaviour that’ll set you apart in the group, just out on the bike, or off it too, with seven simple steps.

1.Don’t ignore a fellow cyclist

A cheery wave and a smile please, says the Global Cycling Network.

2. Point out potholes

Don’t leave your mates at the back of the group to find their wheels mangled; just point it out.

3. Share your food

If someone’s looking a bit peaky, offer them some of your stash. If it’s a gel they’re not familiar with, you might want to check they’re aware of rule #7.

4. Help out with repairs

Don’t ride on by when someone’s looking pathetic at the roadside. You might need that karma to come on round one day.

5. Offer a helping shove to the arse on a climb

Keep the group together by giving someone a shove up a long climb.

6. Carry cash

Don’t be that dude at the coffee shop. Bring your own cash.

7. No farting

...Or at least head to the back of the pack.



Now here at we’re not generally a fan of ‘rules’ when it comes to cycling. We’re more of the opinion that if you like to ride, go and do it your way.

But, if you’re after a little additional guidance, here’s How Not To Be  A Knob To Female Cyclists.

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