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Smart commuter clothing from New York City

… and they clean themselves too

The ultimate commuter solution, performance clothing you really can wear to work is what Outlier a young New York company are trying to create. First up are some very promising looking commuting "pants", trousers to you and me.

According to their website they aim to produce a range of tailored clothing made from the top-end performance fabrics "that looks great whether you're riding to work, meeting with clients, or out on the town" offering "the ultimate in versatility, both socially and technologically". And they are starting from the bottom up with tailored self-cleaning commuting trousers. 

The OG pant 4Season Black Lotus at $240 - tailored trousers are made from with Schoeller Dryskin Extreme fabric, According to the technical blurb, "The Lotus or Nanosphere coating is 'self cleaning' . The surface is coated in nanoscopic spikes that prevent grease and stain molecules from bonding to the fabric. Water just rolls off, taking with it any dirt that might remain."

Even so, you might want to wash 'em occasionally…

Outlier will also be releasing the OG pant in other fabrics too later this year. Next up will be a hoodie and a woolen cycling cap and they have a lot more garments planned for next year. Oh, and if you like what you see they ship to the UK.

If you were wondering what "Outlier" means, wonder no more.

"In statistics an outlier is a result that lies outside the norm, and we certainly are trying to create garments far better than those you normally encounter. Historically however, an outlier was also the term for someone who lived in the outlying areas, someone who lived somewhere besides where they worked. An outlier was the original commuter."

The Outlier site is well worth a look for more info on the company - and shots of technical pants.
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