Brass Monkey takes rollers back to their roots


Rollapaluza is launching a London Winter League and they're calling it Brass Monkey, which you've got to admit is topical for the time of year.

The idea, says the roller-racing outfit is to stage regular pub-style Rollapaluza nights for the grassroots of London's growing indoor peloton. As part of the new league they will also be putting on their first kilo event to give those of us with slower muscle twitch fibres a chance.

"In the last 18 months or so we've seen a large group of regular roller-racers emerge in London and the South East, so we feel like we've got to give them as many opportunities to race as possible" says Rollapaluza's Caspar Hughes. 

"We've got our usual bigger events this winter so it's an ideal opportunity for people to practise their technique or try roller-racing for the first time".  "We'll be experimenting too, we're having our first "kilo" night and we'll get the chance to test run most of the four rigs we've refurbished"

The Brass Monkey league will run to a minimum of four events between now and the end of February (so maybe more of a mini-league) with separate final league classifications for best overall time, points and teams.

Start time for all Brass Monkey nights is "after work", meaning 6pm with open qualification 'til 9pm after which will follow the knockout rounds.

Entry will be £5 for both competitors and spectators.

Rollapaluza aren't confining the roller-racing action just to London either, they will be holding a "come and have a go" session at this weekend's Revolution track meeting at the Manchester Velodrome, and after the success of last week's Rollapaluza night in Bristol of rolling (sorry) the events out to other parts of the country this Winter too.


Opening Rounds:


White Hart (500m event)

1 Mile End Rd

E1 4TP 


Horseshoe (1000m event)

24 Clerkenwell Close



To find out more about the Brass Monkey league and their other Winter plans check out the Rollapaluza website.



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