New cycle way not needed say objectors

Plans to build a new £90,000 cycle path on a well used footpath between Gorleston and Hopton near Great Yarmouth has received a mix response from the community it could serve. People use the Warren Road path between the old Gorleston squash club and the Hopton Holiday Village to walk or cycle between the two communities.

And plans were devised to build a proper cycle way on Warren Road to encourage children and families to ditch their cars on the school run and which would be safer than a current cycle path running along the A12.

But after a public meeting of objectors Norfolk County Council's transport planners are now weighing up their comments. Objectors say that a new route would be on a private road, could see cyclists knocking into people and it is not needed due to the cycle path along the A12.

Steven Reilly, Norfolk County Council spokesman, said in The Advertiser: “Having met with residents last week, we are currently weighing up their feedback about the proposed scheme.”

A consultation has also seen 27 people voice their opposition - compared to 16 pro-cycle path responses from residents and also support from local schools, the police and Hopton Parish council.

People in favour of the cycle plans are demanding that county hall does not ditch them in the wake of the negative reaction and Hopton parish council chairman Mike Butcher said: “It is a shame that the objectors seem determined to attempt to scupper a worthwhile scheme that will potentially benefit thousands of people in the general area and beyond.”

The need for the cycle path was identified more than ten years ago, in a 1996 Yarmouth cycling strategy to provide a convenient, safe and attractive route.