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The Worst Anti Cycling journalism Ever?


About 4 o'clock on Saturday afternoon 17th July a cyclist was in collision with a motor vehicle near the village of Goostrey in Cheshire, he died later in hospital,

The Congleton Chronicle, the local newspaper, reported the incident in it's next issue. The article gave three paragraphs to the incident followed by seventeen paragraphs of anecdotal stories from local residents accusing cyclists of inconsiderate and reckless riding.

For some mysterious reason the whole scenario was overlooked by the ghost of 1950s cycling champion Reg Harris.

You can read the article Here:-

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The Congleton Chronicle is a good local paper and has given good coverage to both cycling and active travel in the past. On this occaision I think they totally lost it.

The article also begs the question, "Do the adjacent parishes of Goostrey and Twemlow have the highest concentration of cycling haters in the country?"

Any comment on this post MUST restrict itself to the quality of the journalism, (and the local residents). This is NOT the time and place to discuss the sad death of a gifted cyclist. Please consider his bereaved family, and bear in mind thar this incident may result in a court case, which could be influenced by opinion and unsubstantiated allegations.

I ask the moderators to enforce this condition.

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