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Smidsy - Witness or Victim - Does the Justice System serve us?

One evening in February I was coming back home from the local supermarket. My route involved riding along a straight section of quiet main road, then making a right turn into my estate (housing, not country).
I got into position well before the turn, signalling right and riding alongside the white line, approaching the junction I returned my hand to the bars to brake and control the bike, as I did so I looked over my shoulder and saw that I was being overtaken by a car on my right. Before I could take any avoiding action there was an almighty blow on the right of my body and the next thing I remember was lying on the wrong side of the road facing oncoming traffic.
Some nice people scraped me off the road, the driver stopped further up the road and walked back. Thankfully I was not seriously hurt, but did have to visit A&E the next day. The driver said "I did not see you" then "Sorry", which seemed strange as I had been in his view for 250 metres, had two rear lights and ten reflectors on the back of my shopping bike, and he was performing an overtaking manoeuvre.
The police arrived and took details, at this time they told me that the driver already had 30 points on his licence.
During the next few weeks;- The police came round and took a witness statement. I was informed the the driver was to go to court to enter a plea, but I did not need to attend. A voice mail a couple of weeks later told me the driver failed to turn up at court, so had been found guilty in his absence and my witness services were no longer required. Thank you.

I am left with a lot of questions.
I have not been told what the driver was charged with? Careless driving? + Driving without insurance? + Driving with a ban?
I don't expect to be advised of the punishment. Fine + more points + ban + Extended retest? Will he claim excessive Hardship to carry on driving?
I will not get to meet the driver in court. I would have liked to have heard his explanation under cross examination for failing to see me. There were several people around, but no one actually saw the collision, it would have been my word against his. With a good defence he could have claimed that I lost control, and his quick reactions prevented a more serious "accident".
I suspect he will continue driving regardless.

It sounds like this driver has been gaming the system for ages. It's tempting to make a case for the Chinese System which involves a car park and a bullet, but seriously there must be a socially fair system.

I invite your comments.

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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