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Sadiq Khan's "motorcade"

Going to put this out here because I can't find the original article ( tech people, a search function that allowed a search of comments as well as articles, and also allowed one to see a list of one's own comments, would be so useful): about a fortnight ago certain commenters on here decided that it would be fun to use Sadiq Khan's use of motor vehicles to get around town as a stick to beat him with and evidence that he is not serious about cycle provision in London. Perhaps those people could take a minute to read this article:

Khan needs up to 15 trained counterterrorist staff to protect him, his house is under 24/7 police surveillance because of "credible death threats", the Christchurch massacre gunman included in his manifesto an exhortation to others to kill Khan... perhaps those people who thought it was fun to have a go at him for sometimes riding in an armoured Range Rover with his security detail and family in other vehicles might like to consider that he doesn't do it because he's lazy or a hypocrite, he does it because if he doesn't there's a good chance he might be killed. I know that some of these people, and one in particular, will simply say, "Guardian article, lol!", but for those capable of thinking without hating, it provides an interesting and necessary perspective.

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