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ridiculous cycling fine

Hey guys .

few weeks ago i was on a little cycle when i passed through a small square that i always go on and every other cyclist going on that square does not dismount ( going on google maps using street view can see it was a street there ; and recently made it pedestrian)
my point is everyone is cycling ,and while "the nothing better to do douche" officer was writing the fine there where about 5 cyclists going past us on their bikes which i pointed out, theres only a very small inconspicuous sign with the cycle in a red square thing .

Now the fine came with my last name misspelled CAZARCIUL instead of LAZARCIUC and DOB april instead of september

needeless to say i dont want to pay 75 £ for this nonsense ; as in UC also ..and its utterly ridiculous
what would you guys suggest ? fight it ; ignore it ..or .. its a "fixed penalty" notice,-0.1038554,127a,35y,32.45h,45t/data=!3m1!1e3

the pedestrian area from macdonalds toward the tavern

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