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Indoor fan recommendations please

I'll finally finally get my permanent indoor training setup in a few weeks. Whilst the trainer will be next to a full size window, it will likely not produce much breeze.

What fans do folk recommend?

I'm looking for something with some power, as quiet as possible, and ideally a remote, all without having to spend £200+ on a wahoo fan.


If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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mark1a | 8 months ago
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I've got a permanent indoor setup and have not needed a fan (it's in a garage so no windows either, but fairly cool at around 15 deg C in the winter months) just relying on the very small fans that are built into the bike. Maybe I'm not trying hard enough...😩

However one thing that has been essential is a dehumidifier, to prevent sweat and exhalation causing a build up of humidity, is that something to consider perhaps? The garage used to go up to over 80% after an hour on Zwift, the dehumidifier keeps it down to around 60%. 

OnYerBike | 8 months ago
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If "quiet" is important then how about something like this: (available for ~£80 from reputable online retailers)? I daresay you can get more blowing power for less money by buying a geneic gym/industrial fan but they will be noisy. 

bobbinogs | 8 months ago
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I just use an industrial grade air mover, lot's of them to choose from but this was the one I went for (and it works really well):

stomec | 8 months ago

We have an Oypla floor "gym" fan - a big (50cm) one.  It is fairly quiet and I usually only need the first or second speed setting even in an intense workout.  It sit it on the floor under the bars pointing up.  I think there are on Amazon at about a quarter of the proce of the Wahoo one.  Has worked reliably for 4 years now with no issues.

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