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Halo Vapour 26" QR 135/100mm - where to source from?

Can anyone recommend a supplier or wheelbuilder for decent 26" upgrade wheels?

Or, is there a much better forum for asking this advice?

The WTB SX24 rims that came with my KHS Alite2000 (2011) aren't rated quite wide enough for the Kenda Small Block 8 tyres I use, so I'm looking to upgrade to better wheels and seem to have settled on Halo Vapour.

The "old" unilateral 26" standard is pretty out-of-date these days, I've found some suppliers for a front wheel but I'm struggling finding a rear. Can anyone recommend a supplier, should I get a wheel built rather than trying to source one, again any recommendations would be appreciated. Bit surprised how pricey they are, mostly the rear hub.

6-bolt disc, Shimano 9-speed stuff.

The Alite is quite lightweight so it seems to be the theme to stick to. (I've probably done less than 200 miles or so in 10 years I've had this bike, but I have recently started going off-road again and want to get some value out of it! I'm also 5'6" so I'm not sure putting the money towards a newer bigger-wheeled bike would be better, also don't want to spend even more.)

I'll probably put my Bontrager Mud XR4 (2.0") tyres on the WTB rims and put those on my spare old steel Voodoo Wanga (2010-ish?), make it a simple winter/muddy bike but with a good old RockShox Reba RL that could do with a full service. This frees up the the Halo Combat front wheel to sell on and maybe the Fulcrum rear wheel too.

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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