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Depressing recommendations on Autonomous cars


The law commissions were asked in 2018 to come up with a series of reports on the regulatory framework for automated vehicles and their use on public roads.

In this final report, their recommendations include:

  • a user-in-charge cannot be prosecuted for offences arising directly from the driving task, such as dangerous driving, speeding or running a red light, but remains responsible for other tasks, including insurance and checking people are wearing seatbelts
  • some vehicles may be allowed to drive themselves with no-one in the driving seat and a licensed operator responsible for overseeing the journey
  • data to understand fault and liability following a collision must be accessible
  • sanctions for carmakers who fail to reveal how their systems work

Putting the responsibility on the manufacturer when there is a person in the car is wrong imo.  Even in full self-drive someone in the drivers seat should be prepared to break out of self-drive at any second.

If we ever get to a place where self-driving cars are allowed to drive whilst empty that should be treated as a different scenario.

Ironically I think this will have a chilling effect on autonomous vehicles which is the last thing I want because ultimately a self driving vehicle has the opportunity have cyclist and pedestrian friendly rules programmed into it.  Imagine a world where overtakes are always 1.5m+ or where a car will wait until its safe to overtake a bike.

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