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Chain Checking

Here is one for the obsessives (and there is nothing wrong with that). Those who get 10,000 miles from each chain can skip this one 😉.

Yesterday I checked an 8-speed SRAM PC850 chain for wear. I had done circa 7 months and a week on the chain. Chain wear tool used was Decathlon's.

Previous two chains were KMC Z series, from which I probably got eight months wear each on the bike's original Sunrace cassette, but through inexperience waited rather longer to change chains. This resulted in initial skipping, which quickly settled. However, I vowed to the bike chain gods that I would keep more on top of this.

The SRAM chaib was fitted on a new Shimano HG50 cassette as part of a stock wheelset to Shimano RS10 upgrade. I have been checking for wear religiously, and yesterday the checker tool mostly showed a still-reasonable amount of life in the chain. I know life is not linear with a chain, but I thought that I could keep checking until the 9-month mark.

However, I always check the whole length of the chain, and I found that either side of the quick link the tool was showing the chain almost worn. Although 90% of the chain still appeared to have life, I erred on the side of caution and changed to a KMC X8 chain, which I am trying for the first time.

Was I being over-cautious and should I have waited longer until there was more wear across more sections of the chain?

Should I get a better tool than the £3.99 Decathlon one?

Thanks and regards


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