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Red Bull Minidrome came to Glasgow

It's all your fault Road cc. After seeing a link on the 'latest news' I signed up for the Red bull minidrome when it came to Glasgow on Sunday 2nd October.
6 practice laps then 10 against the clock. Top 32 go on to knockout pursuit. Bloody hell it's mental! I ride fixed in the winter to improve my souplesse and have never been near a track in my puff. It is really small and really steep!
About 100 competitors I was #49.

Arrived to see folk cycling, (what looked like a fairground wall of death with flatter (relatively) bits on the straights), at great speed. Guy a couple before me bottled out, guy before me face planted at my feet. Then it was my turn, started off far too cautiously and nearly slid off the banking. Went for it a bit more, threw myself into the banking nearly went over the edge just managed to yank the front wheel back onto the track. Over corrected at the next turn and nearly took out the commentators lol.

Then it was the timed 10! Did a bit better but very sketchy, did not crash and finished a respectable 23rd. Was later pushed out the top 32 so did not get through. Best fun I have had in years!  21

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