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Toucan Crossing - What does it mean?

I live in Manchester and we have lots of shared pavements here, probably because they are cheaper for the council than providing segregated routes. I find they are most often on uphill sections or busy roads.

There is a toucan crossing on Aytoun Street, but no shared use sign. Does the fact that you can cycle across the junction mean that you can then cycle on the pavement on the other side? I have tried researching this before and not found an answer.

In this particular junction I often see cyclists cycling across. I use it occasionally, and use the crossing to move across the lanes of traffic or when it is busy and then join the road again whilst using the crossing. It isn't the nicest junction because I want to move to the right and cars that want to turn left want to cut across in a small time because of the bus lane. It's fine unless the lights change from the right and there are lots of cars coming at me.

I've also had buses cut me up to get to the bus stop on the left, or from the bus stop on the left cut across me to get to the lane on the right. It's one of my least favourite junctions.

Anyway 99% of the time I use the road, but today I used the toucan cross and today I stayed on the pavement a little longer because it was hailstoning/raining heavily in my face and there were roadworks so busy traffic, it's slightly uphill and I genuinely don't want to do something I am not allowed. A 10 year old ish child jumped off a van and onto the pavement. It was fine, I was going about 7mph and no where near here. Her dad shouted 'watch out!' to her, which I often find. People overeact to a cyclist and freak out, even though I was no where near her. Cars drive round corners 50cm away from people or buses mount the kerb but no one freaks out. He then did the 'you should be on the road' spiel and I stated that it was a shared pavement, because I believe it is?

Ignoring the fact that the dad overreacted and I may have potentially been wrong. What are toucan crossing used for? if it is not a shared path do we use the crossing but have to join the road whilst crossing? I genuinely don't know. If you can't cycle on the pavement on the other side, what is the point of them?,-2.2339326,3a,61.7y,29.19h,87.06t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1scD7N8BJLgZzmWn8vrPeBRw!2e0!7i16384!8i8192

this is the junction


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