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Need help on thru axle trainer adapter


I just purchased tacx satori smart wheel trainer for my winter stay-in-shape trainings  1

While waiting for delivery i realized that the trainer comes with quick-release and i have the Bianchi Aria 105 Disc, more precisely this one: which has thru axle on the rear with Bianchi noting it 12x142mm.

I bought the Tacx T1707 E-Thru trainer axle M12x1, with metric fine thread (noted to be suitable for hubs with axle skewer attachment 142×12 mm: various DT Swiss and Shimano types).

When I compare both needles they look identical with the Tacx being longer - which it should be sticking out so you can put the other end and put it on the trainer, BUT this is where the fun starts. I can put the Tacx from the one side but when it comes to the other side I can do a turn or two, and then use spanner to continue. However i need to use ALL my force and it still does not move and stops at a point which is too early ( still needs 2-5cm in). This is where i stopped in order to prevent possible damage to the bike. Is there anyone with the similar issue or tip? The tacx website LITERALLY says nothing about the axles and so on, and I am really pissed doing this for 2-3 hours with failiure.

heres a link to a picture of the original and the adapter sizes


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