The first thing to say is that I love my Boardman Air 9.0!!



I've had my Boardman Air 9.0 for 3 years from new and have had it regularly services and all work done by local bike shop.

I think it's a known problem (or at least one I've read about on forums) but where the front mech cable emerges from the frame, allows water/grit/dirt to enter, which after only a couple of rides means I can no longer change up to the front chain ring.

My local bike shop have said that the internal sheath/tube must have become worn away over time, meaning the problem will soon not be fixable.

I've approached Boardman(/Cycle Republic) customer services, who asked for proof of purchase and proof of service, all of which I've provided but who are now refusing to help.

I'm hoping to find others, who know of or have experienced this problem or a general lack of reasonable response from their complaints department.

I'd be really grateful if any of you out there coudl share your Boardman Problems/Solutions with me!


dee4life2005 [47 posts] 3 weeks ago

I don't know the specific issue with Boardman Air, but I've had a problem with every carbon framed bike that I've owned with front derialleur shifting due to a bunged up sheath through the frame for the derailleur cable. Pretty much any ride in the wet will through sand off the road at the back of the seat tube, and enough will strike the cable and get in to this sheath that it starts to impact front shifting. Never had it to the point I can't shift up on to the big ring - only had that issue due to the FD6800 derialleur black skid plate wearing out - but it did make it difficult to shift back down due to the extra friction.

Only thing I've found was to install a rubber gaitor / boot and jam it over the bit of the cable sheath that sticks out the frame (assuming yours does).

Something like: