What tests have people passed and what other vehicles do you own?

as you'll be aware, cyclists havent paid to use the road, havent passed a test and dont know what theyre doing. Riding in the middle of the road and two abreast, they bring misery to motorists daily. So, what tests has everyone passed, and what vehicles do you own?

I have a 1997 car which I just did the cambelt kit on. 

I also own a 2005 two stroke enduro motorbike, a 1999 kawasaki 600 and a chinese 125 comuting motorbike. 

I passed my car test in 2007 and 2011, [ dont ask why], my HGV training took me two years to pass, I did five motorbike cbts, then my a1 bike test, then my big bike test the DAS. I did the advanced motorists driving course and am trained to drive in high speed emergency scenarios[ think big van with medical equipment if you want to guess my job]. 

No, im just a cyclist with no clue, who refuses to use cycle lanes because im annoying. I dont pay road tax, only vehicle excise duty, 155 quid for my car, 66 quid for big bike, 20 quid and another 20 quid for the 125s. I can also drive HGV/s wagons but i only do that occasionally now. 

So, what cars/ bikes/ licences does everyone else have? Or are you all just riding bicycles worth 5 grand because youre too poor to afford a car and want to sit in traffic all day? :D[ this seems to be what most motorists think of cyclists] 

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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