Dear forum,

I could really do with some advice and direction.

I have a 14 year old daughter who suffers with Crohns desease (in remission) and serious social anxiety. She struggles to be in school full time and is home bound pretty much most of the time.

She’s improving and one of her goals is to get fit. Following repeated guidance from us and specialists that exercise and maintaining a level of fitness is going to really help her.

So I’m looking to buy an indoor bike. Ideally one which doesn’t just show speed, distance etc. But one that is compatible with the likes of Zwift or similar. Mainly as I think she’ll be more motivated by seeing something visual and be able to track her performance. Deep down she’s competitive and was (prior to everything) quite sporty.

i have no idea where to start. I’m not too fussed about cost at this stage as I know the rest of the family would benefit.

Its her idea and her goal. I just want to make it as engaging and motivational as possible.

so any advice on bike, kit, setup would be really appreciated!! Thanks in advance. 


longassballs [147 posts] 9 months ago
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Wow. Dunno what to say. Sounds like a great idea.

It's no easy task deciding on a bike from scratch let alone a Zwift set up too. The easiest would be a Wattbike Atom. It's an all-in-one exercise bike. It is £1600 though, but you could basically buy it and go, almost.

Have you seen this article/video? https://road.cc/content/buyers-guide/232203-video-three-zwift-setups-sui...

A lot cheaper would be to buy a second hand aluminium framed bike. Doesn't have to be anything fancy. Doesn't matter if it has flat or drop bars, but if she did want a road bike then you can pick up something with Shimano 105 or Tiagra gears for a reasonable price, or Sora and Claris cheaper. Just make sure it has a wide range of gears for climbing (small chain ring, big cassette).

Wheel on trainers make most sense for Zwift. A Tacx Flux is about £400. An updated version Tacx Flux S has just come out and is a bit more but the only difference is that the S model corrects a clearance issue the original had with bigger derailleurs.

You can use an existing laptop and tv to go online with Zwift. Have a look on YT for other people's set ups for the other bits.

Oh and get some bike shorts from Decathlon!

Mungecrundle [1568 posts] 9 months ago

A basic turbo setup at home could be used as a stepping stone to using something more advanced at a local gym, if you have access to one. Might also help with the getting out of the house and social aspect of recovery. Gyms are great for the non social, you can go do your own thing, but amongst other people who you do not actually have to talk to whilst you do it.

Good luck.

Htc [146 posts] 9 months ago

The Atom is brilliant and all the family could use it given the range of adjustability..


Ideal for your purpose and good value for an all-in solution.


stefanitely [24 posts] 9 months ago

Think road.cc did their own article the other day


I sympathise as a Crohn's sufferer, cycling seems to have worked really well for me and I astound myself now with how much I can ride now compared to levels of physical activity I could manage when I was diagnosed at 12 (16 years ago). Hope a long remission lies ahead!

peted76 [1585 posts] 9 months ago

Agree a wattbike would be a good idea, everyone in the house could use (easily adjustable for different sizes) and the key thing is that they seem to hold their value, so if it didn't work out you'd not lose out cash wise. 

Where as if you brought a bike and a trainer you could easily spend more than that, on a bike and a decent trainer and you'd struggle for anyone else to use it as not easily adjustable... however she'd at least have a bike to get on the road with if she feels up to it.



alansmurphy [2287 posts] 9 months ago

Tacx flow smart is under £200 in Halfords (plus BC discount available) and then pick up a road bike or hybrid for a similar amount.


Connects brilliantly to an iPad or other devices with Blutooth, is ANT+ also if you want an HR monitor or similar and beyond that does most of what the rest do. Mine is linked to Rouvy as I prefer to look at a real road than Zwift. Opportunity to pick routes from round the world, choose training rides or you could even record routes and upload them yourself (then they can see the outside world in and around your house). Hopefully in time this gives the opportunity to unhook the bike and release it into the wild.