Hi all, I'm heading out to Palma next June for a "lads holiday" (apologies I couldn't think of a better term).  Anyway there's a crowd of 14 and it's for our 40th year celebrations.


In a despearate attempt to save myself from 4 solid days on the booze I'm looking at disappearing for a day on a bike.  My question is does anyone have any advice on doing such a thing?  I'd rather not take a helmet/shoes (flying Ryanair) but if I absolutly have to I will.  Can the cycle hire companies provide them?  Also does anyone have any particular experience of doing something similar?  Anything I should watch out for?


Chances are I'll be going alone but there is a small chance I could rope maybe one or two others in  1



IanEdward [225 posts] 5 days ago

Yep, took a family holiday out to Santa Ponza, hired from radinternational.de

I took a helmet and shoes, didn't seem worth risking something that didn't fit or wasn't comfortable.

They have a bit of an obsession with high pressures though, insisted on sending me out with 120psi in the tyres and wouldn't lend me a pump to adjust it...

srchar [1073 posts] 5 days ago
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The bike shops hire out helmets and shoes.

BobbyG wrote:

I'd rather not take a helmet/shoes (flying Ryanair)

Wear the helmet and shoes and stick a flip-flop in each pocket for when you arrive  1

EDIT: I'm trying to think of a reason they could give for preventing you wearing the helmet and shoes. I can't think of one. Tempted to try it myself now, if only for the lolz...

Terence the Tractor [6 posts] 5 days ago

I've flown a number of times with my helmet just clipped to the outside of my hand luggage and I’ve never had it questioned, I think they don’t like people flying with helmets on, makes the others nervous...

Last time I was in Mallorca (a few years ago) I used Bike Experience Mallorca, who deliver and pick up the bike to your hotel along with helmets, shoes pumps etc. they were a really good outfit. They didn’t even question it when I returned their bike with a fair bit less paint on it after an off, I was expecting a fight but it just got popped in the back of the van and never heard a word about it, wish Avis were as friendly!

Martyn_K [276 posts] 5 days ago

Take your lid and your shoes. It sets out your intentions to your mates and as you have taken them you will want to ride.

Plenty of bike hire in an round Palma and as already noted many will deliver  to your hotel. Just be aware that some might not be overly happy to deliver to a typically 'lads holiday' type of hotel.

Presuming that you are heading for the usual resort locations for this kind of holiday you should have some good hilly riding heading north out to Calvia and looping round Puigpunyent and back. June will be quite warm, consider this during your drinking session the day before you ride!

SellMatt [17 posts] 5 days ago

First night fever rules out day 2 so ride on day 3. I use bikehead.cc based in Palma. They do helmets but not shoes. Best route as mentioned is to Puigpunyent via Calvia and Es Capdella and then can decide if want to carry on to Esporles depending on your state of dehydration. The climb up from Puigpunyent and down the valley on the  MA-1101 is worth the extra effort. There are plenty of places to stop at for supplies. 

BobbyG [58 posts] 5 days ago

Ah yes first night fever.....desperately trying to avoid getting carried away.  Never once managed it.

Thanks everyone.  Really happy to see that it's entirely possible and dare I say pretty easily done.  By the look of some of the bike hire websites there are also some pretty nice bikes up fotr grabs.  Basso Diamante you say? Well it is my birthday!

IanEdward [225 posts] 4 days ago

Palma - Calvia - Es Capdella - Galilea - Puigpunyent - Deia - Soller - Col de Soller - crazy 15km slightly downhill time-trial back to Palma.

Anything less would be a criminal missed opportunity! smiley