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Mavic Kysrium Elite S max tyre width?

As the title suggests, I would like to put some wide rubber beneath myself and the debris strewn potholed winter roads. 


Ive scoured the Mavic website and there is no obvious suggestion of a max width, however, I'm hoping someone has a first hand knowledge or reccomendation of the widest tyre that will sit comfortably on these rims. 

There internal width appears to be 17mm, so I imagine this has some bearing on the max tyre width. 

The frame I have is a CX and will allow 35c tyres. That being said I'm debating  between getting some 27c road tyres and some 32c CX tyres. 

(Realistically the 27 will allow me to commute to work and back which will be this bikes main job. The 32c will open up the opportunity to get out into the woods, but I imagine these will be too wide?) 

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. 


Cheers, Dom 

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