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34 bikes equipped with new Shimano Dura-Ace and Ultegra groupsets, from BMC, Trek, Merida, Canyon and more

Check out the first complete bikes fitted with the brand new Di2-only groupsets, starting from £3,949

We’re gradually getting details through of complete bikes equipped with Shimano’s new Di2 Ultegra and Dura-Ace groupsets; here are the first ones we've heard about...

If you’re looking for more deets on the groupsets, find all the information on the Dura-Ace groupset over here, then Ultegra is here. You can also check out Liam’s first ride thoughts after testing the groupset in the Pyrenean mountains here.


There are a grand total of 10 builds across BMC’s endurance and aero platforms...

Teammachine SLR01 ONE Dura-Ace, £12,500

2021 BMC Teammachine SLR 01 ONE

Teammachine SLR01 THREE Ultegra, £8,300

Teammachine SLR01 FIVE Ultegra, £6,650

Teammachine SLR ONE Ultegra, £5,700

2021 BMC Teammachine SLR ONE

Teammachine SLR THREE Ultegra, £5,100

Roadmachine 01 ONE Dura-Ace, £11,900

2021 BMC Roadmachine 01 ONE

Roadmachine 01 THREE Ultegra, £8,100

Roadmachine 01 FIVE Ultegra, £6,450

Roadmachine ONE Ultegra, £5,700

2021 BMC Roadmachine ONE

Roadmachine THREE Ultegra, £5,000


The Sussex-based bike brand has its top-end performance bikes for speed available on pre-order for January 2022 with the new Shimano groupsets.

Signature Plus Venturi STC Dura-Ace, £6,999.99

2022 Orro Signature Plus Venturi STC Dura Ace

Signature Venturi STC Ultegra, £4,799.99

Venturi STC Ultegra, £3,599.99

2022 Orro Venturi STC Ultegra


Trek has equipped its aero, lightweight climbing and high-end endurance road bikes all with the brand-new Shimano Ultegra and Dura-Ace groupsets. Here are the six new builds in Trek's line up...

Madone SLR 9 Dura-Ace Di2, £12,400

2022 Trek Madone SLR9 Dura Ace

Emonda SLR 9 Dura-Ace Di2, £11,020

2022 Trek Emonda SLR9 Dura Ace

Domane SLR 9 Dura-Ace Di2, £11,000

2022 Trek Domane SLR9 Dura Ace

Madone SLR 7 Ultegra Di2, £9,190

2022 Trek Madone SLR7 Ultegra

Emonda SLR 7 Ultegra Di2, £7,810

2022 Trek Emonda SLR7 Ultegra

Domane SLR 7 Ultegra Di2, £8,000

2022 Trek Domane SLR7 Ultegra


Merida has just updated its Scultura road bike, saying the new Team model is lighter than previously with a hugely reduced drag, while also being more comfortable. It's also kitted out with Shimano's new flagship groupset.

Scultura Team Dura-Ace, £7,750

2022 Merida Scultura side on  - 1.jpeg


Three models in Canyon’s range will feature the new Dura-Ace groupset.

Ultimate CFR Disc Aero Dura-Ace, £8,599

2022 Canyon Ultimate CFR Disc Aero Dura-Ace

Endurace CF SLX 9 Disc Dura-Ace Di2, £7,399

2022 Canyon Endurace CF SLX 9 Disc Dura-Ace Di2

Aeroad CFR Disc MvdP, £10,099

2022 Canyon Aeroad Disc CFR mvdp

“All of the bikes will be fitted with DT Swiss wheels and Canyon cockpits, similar to the current CFR and SLX models,” says Canyon.


Fairlight has Ultegra and Dura-Ace versions of its high-end endurance machine that was updated for 2021, the Strael 3.0. Reviewer Stu Kerton gave it a rare 10/10 in his review, which you can read in full here.

Strael 3.0 Dura-Ace, TBC

2022 Fairlight Strael 3.0 Dura Ace 2

Strael 3.0 Ultegra Di2, £3,949

2022 Fairlight Strael 3.0 Ultegra Di2

Fairlight is expecting stock in November.


Mason is equipping three of the models in its range with the new groupsets, and you have the choice between Ultegra and Dura-Ace for each.

Definition Ultegra Di2, £4,095

Definition Dura-Ace Di2, £5,800

2022 Mason Definition Ultegra

Resolution Ultegra Di2, £4,365

> Review: Mason Resolution Force AXS

Resolution Dura-Ace Di2, £6,145

2022 Mason Resolution DuraAce

Aspect Ultegra Di2, £6,370

Aspect Dura-Ace Di2, £8,075

2022 Mason Aspect Ultegra


Remember those blurred out component images on Cube’s updated road race Agree model earlier this month? Well, as you all guessed, that was to hide Shimano’s yet-to-be-released groupsets.

2022 Cube Agree C:62

Both the Agree and Cube’s full-on aero bike, the Litening, appear to be available in both Dura-Ace and Ultegra builds, with the prices as:

Litening C:68X SLT Dura-Ace, £8,499

2022 Cube Litening C68X SLT Dura Ace

Litening C:68X Race Ultegra, £5,599

2022 Cube Litening C68X Race Ultegra

Agree C:62 SLT Dura-Ace, £6,999

2022 Cube Agree C62 SLT Dura Ace

Agree C:62 Race Ultegra, £3,999

2022 Cube Agree C62 Race Ultegra

Giant and Liv

There are definitely Giant/Liv models with the new groupsets specced on the horizon…

Giant’s Product Manager, David Ward said: “I can confirm that there will be 7 models using the new Ultegra and Dura-Ace Di2 groupsets available in the UK and Ireland across Giant and Liv frame platforms. Images, specs and pricing will be available in the coming weeks.”

Have you seen any more? Let the rest of us know in the comments below.

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Buckland420 | 2 years ago

Scott have also got their 2022 bikes on their website:

Looks like the prices have also gone down from last year. The Ultegra R8070 model has quite a large price drop.

Giant has prices and specs of the TCR on other European websites (eg Italy):

Steve K | 2 years ago
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Anyone fancy a sweepstake on how many bikes we'll get up to before this article stops being updated?

huntswheelers | 2 years ago

Good luck flogging them.....and to think....the article yesterday was is 2x dead suddenly 2x di2 12 speed is a thing.....🤦

EddyBerckx | 2 years ago
1 like

So the cheapest 12 speed  Ultegra DI2 bike I've seen is around £400 (possibly more?) than the 11 speed version - have I got that right?

check12 replied to EddyBerckx | 2 years ago

The extra cog is made out of unobtainium....

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